GeNova Tan™ Booths

Our Commercial & Home Stand Up Tanning Beds Give Maximum Tan With Minimal Space Required. The Intelligent, Space Saving, "Vertical" Indoor Tanning Alternative!

Commercial and home stand up tanning booths

If you're looking for commercial tanning booths or home tanning booths , GeNova Tan™ offers a superior alternative that stand up to traditional indoor tanning beds. Our WrapAround® technology gives better indoor tanning results in less time and in less space. It's the logical choice for both salons and homeowners that are looking for a quality, space saving tanning system with fast tanning session times. Our patented tanning booths are manufactured in all automotive quality cold rolled steel construction, designed to last a lifetime, and our solid-state electronics are easy to self-service. When it comes to professional or at home tanning, the competition cannot compare.

For salon owners or for those that want to tan at home, the Express Tan™ WrapAroundŽ Tanning Booth is leading the indoor tanning industry into the future. Our stand up tanning beds are proudly manufactured in the USA. We also supply replacement tanning bulbs for commercial needs, salon software to manage your customer appointments, and FREE technical support!

Tanning can be the perfect addition to your beauty salon equipment or your gym equipment plans. Take a look at some of the latest information in our Education Articles section.

Our winning combination of unique, patented tanning booths and quality people has produced the industry's foremost tanning systems since 1989. Our ergonomic design is recognized by thousands of customers around the world as the finest equipment money can buy. Simply put, we pride ourselves on Honesty, Integrity, Quality Products and Superior Support. Our customers and dealers deserve nothing less.

Tanning Booths That Stand High Above The Rest!

Tanning Booth Multimedia

GeNova™ Tanning Booth Videos
See how our wrap around tanning booths can fit into your home... check out our videos!

Indoor Tanning Benefits & Tips

Tanning Booth Tips
What are the benefits of using a tanning booth? There are many benefits as well as tanning tips for properly using a stand up bed. Browse some of these tanning tips throughout our website.

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