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Indoor Tanning Beds Like Taking A Sun Shower

Experience a morning "Sun Shower" to start your day. Unlike lie-down tanning beds, the ExpressTan™ stand up tanning beds gives you an invigorating fast tan with no muss or fuss or after session clean up.

Think about it... Do you really want to lie in a tanning bed after lying in a bed all night? It's morning... time to wake up and Grab a cup of coffee and get going. Look good and feel your best at the start of your day beginning with an ExpressTan™ sun shower in just 10 to 15 minutes. Listen to your favorite music, dance, tap your toes or even do some isometric excercises. Our tanning booths provides complete freedom of movment. Additionally , you can enjoy an invigorating massage all over your body with our optional Foot Ease massager. Or perk up your mood with negitive ions while tanning with our optional  Ion pod, built into the timer control column. After a few songs you're ready for your morning shower. Awake, tan, and you're ready to start your day.

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