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Body massager
Ion Pod
     Imagine coming home after a hard day at work. Your feet hurt. Now, while relaxing in your tanning booth, you can receive a relaxing foot massage that you can feel all the way up your body.

     Your extremities are the first place to lose circulation. Our Foot Ease™ massage units nourish the flow of blood and helps you get a better tan, especially on the legs, and you can turn the Foot Ease™ on or off with your toe and adjust the intensity of the massage.
     Order our optional compact Ion Pod™ and we will install it in the center column of your new tanning system! Ionic air purification helps clean the air by producing negative ions. Refreshing negative ions help eliminate pollen, mold spores, dust, dander and many other allergy causing particulates from the air you breathe. Scientific studies about negative ions have also shown that some people become moody, tired, depressed or experience difficulty concentrating when negative ion counts are low, or when positive ion counts are high (such as in front of a computer monitor). Now, when you're in your tanning booth, you can boost your mood at the same time!
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