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The lighting panels of our WrapAround® tanning booths (stand up tanning beds) adjust closely around your entire body, completely wrapping you in an even, warm glow, whatever your size may be. Bringing the UV panels close to the body provides uniform tanning coverage reduces tan lines and creates a better, faster, more beautiful looking tan.


The user does not lie down on a hard acrylic tanning bed surface, which reduces oxygen and blood flow, so "white, no tan, pressure spots" do not occur. The WrapAround® booth design enables you to get the most natural looking tan all over your body, equally and evenly.

Half-Moon Syndrome
Side Stripe Syndrome


Lie-down tanning beds lack uniform light distribution. The tanning lamps are more concentrated on the front and back of the user, leaving the sides of the body less exposed. The result is an undesirable, uneven tan line known as "Side-Striping". Side Stripe SyndromeDistance is critical with UV rays. For every inch between the body and the bulbs, there is a significant decreases in UVA light intensity.

Pressure Points


Lying down on hard a plastic surface, like tanning beds, places pressure directly under the hips, shoulder blades and back. This pressure reduces the blood flow to those areas, which often prevents normal tanning and can cause white splotches, resulting in an artificial looking tan. Only the soles of the feet are under pressure when using the GeNova Tan™ booths, so a truly full-body, all around tan is achieved.


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