"I am very happy with my ExpressTan 4000XL. My clientele and revenue has practically doubled! We all love its appearance and how it pulls in close. It provides great results. The best part of all - it doesn't take up much space! I absolutely Love It! If I had the space I would order another one today!"
Miki S. Salon Owner
New Hampshire

"I just have to send you this letter telling you how much we and our clients love this ExpressTan tanning booth. It is so easy to keep clean, the booth we had before this was a capsule with nooks and crannies and always very dusty also hard to keep clean. Thank you for talking me into getting the ExpressTan."
Richard V. Salon Owner

Things customers have said about the new booth: "I don't get a ring around my neck." "No lines on my sides or backside." "I love 9 minutes instead of 20 minutes." "Enough room to move, exercise or dance and it's easy to operate."
Jennifer R. Salon Owner

"I'm very happy.My customers love the dark even tan in 9-minutes, just as much as I do! I would recommend this equipment to any other salon that would like to add a profitable new service. This is a wonderful product and the customer service department is terrific!"
Michelle C. Beauty Salon Owner

"I am very happy with my 9 minute ExpressTan 4000XL. My salon has seen an increase in different age groups by between 20 to 30%! We all love its appearance and the flexibility that it provides. The ExpressTan 4000XL heats up quickly, provides great results and it does not take up much space!! The feedback from my clients has been great! I have many satisfied customers."
Cambria G. Beauty Salon Owner

"As a salon owner having made the decision to get into the tanning business I am truly happy that I chose the ExpressTan 4000XL. It has far exceeded all my expectations and I am thoroughly satisfied. A true testimonial of your product is I have all satisfied clients."
Roseann C. Beauty Salon Owner

"We are excited at how the ExpressTan 4000XL enhances our total tanning experience. It is the perfect affordable upgrade! High efficiency and low maintenance explains it."
Virginia F. Tanning Salon Owner

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