Express Tan™ systems tower
over the competition by out performing
any indoor tanning bed system in the world. Adjustable panels
bring the light as close to the body as possible for a faster, cooler, more uniform tan. The UV panels
of our Wrap Around® system adjust completley around the entire body, large or small, closley
wrapping the user with an uniform array of UV light.
                                                The unique abillity to position
the lamps close to the body dramatically increases the systems
efficiency without the loss of performance. Advantages include
a sizable reduction in energy consumption and heat
generation, and less cost for component replacements
and service.
                            The angled design of the Genova Tan™
system and it's closeness to the body provides
a unique cross fire effect created by the light
reflection from the high performance lamps. The powerful
cross firing rays amplify tanning efficiency, delivering unrivaled uniformity. Maximum tanning
time is reduced to just 9, 12 or 13 minutes, depending on the model you choose.
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