Ion Pod™
                               Boost your mood with
                            freshly ionized air while
                            receiving your full body
                            tan. When you order the
                                    optional Ion Pod™,
                                     installed in the
                                     center column of
                       your commercial tanning equipment, you will enjoy the benefits of ionic air purification! Ionizers eliminate pollen, dust, mold, dander and other air-born allergenic particulates. Scientific studies report that negative ions reduce depression, tension, fatigue and lack of concentration caused by positive ions typically emitted by computer monitors and other electronic devices. Now you can tan and boost your mood at the same time!
Foot Ease™
     Now, while you use your commercial tanning equipment, you can enjoy a relaxing massage that radiates up your entire body. Our Foot Ease™ massage nourishes the flow of blood and helps you get a better tan, especially on the legs. Turn the Foot Ease™ on and off or adjust the intensity of the massage with a simple touch of your toe.
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