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      Time Saves Money Our Express Tan™ systems are designed to generate faster tanning session times with little or no between session clean-up so you can fit in more sessions per hour and per day. Customers that want to take their tan between appointments, during lunch break or anytime during the day, will appreciate fast, no sweat tanning sessions (without requiring a shower after tanning). Faster session times and faster customer turnover also means that you can charge more competitive rates for tanning sessions.

      Space Saves Money The advanced space saving design of the Express Tan™ systems make it possible to generate more revenue per square foot than with any other tanning system. You can easily fit multiple tanning systems into the same space as any old-fashioned, horizontal tanning bed.You can double, triple or even quadruple your overall earning potential, and all without giving up or acquiring additional floor space!

      Less Operating Cost Saves Money Our cost per session is lower than other systems because our Express Tan™ systems require fewer bulbs to achieve faster tanning results, they generate less heat and are designed for quick and easy self service.

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