Tanning Salon Equipment Leasing

You can put tanning equipment to work in your business now without a major cash outlay!

We offer equipment lease plans that can be custom tailored to your business needs.

Lease Financing - You can choose from one year to 48 month leasing plans.

Tax Advantages - A lessee can usually deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense.

Flexibility - Terms and conditions to fit your needs. Leasing generally requires a much lower down-payment than ordinary financing.

Preserve Other Lines of Credit - With leasing, you have established an additional line of credit that doesn't tie up other sources of capital.

Ideal for Small Businesses - Leases do not appear on a balance sheet and do not affect your current debt ratio.

Improves Budgeting - Fixed monthly payments enable you to budget and manage equipment dollars for the future.

Easy Return on Investment - Typically, just two or three customer tanning sessions a day will cover your monthly equipment lease payments.

Financial Assistance - We will work with you to custom-design a lease finance program that will fit your budget.

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