4000XL Commercial Tanning Booth

        The 4000 XL commercial tanning booth (stand up tanning bed) comes with a seperate power console, making component replacement easy. All of the power components are kept seperate from the tanning booth. Now for the first time, service is a breeze. You can replace components easily and quickly without an expensive technician. Simply open the tower door to reveal the components in plain view. The 4000 XL tanning booth is our most powerful commercial stand up tanning bed system. With 25 years in the making and the WrapAround® tanning technology, the 4000 XL delivers an impressive 9 minute maximum tanning time with 40 bulbs. The competition's conventional tanning bed require up to 64 bulbs to achieve the same 9 minute maximum tanning time.
Specifications: 4000XL
•40 VR Reflector lamps(160 watt)
•9 minute (maximum) tanning time
•5 Super Breeze Body Cooling Fans
•5 Super Up-Flow System Cooling Fans
•50 amp breaker, runs on 35 amps, 220v
•Booth Dimensions: 50"W, 92"H, 11"D
•Service Module Dimensions:
   22"W, 84.5"H, 6" deep
•10' System to service module cable
•10' Power Cord
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